Graceful Soul: Mystic. Healer. Creative. Leader: Let's BLOOM!

Group Details
Opening to Soul Senses, 
Experiencing Spirit directly, 
BEing and DOing in concert, 
IS the Way. 
ARE you walking this way? 
DO you want to? 
What is your Soul experience?

* Are you Already Capable as a Soul Reader, Healer, Creative, Leader? Want to go deeper, to the next level: in your tools & abilities, and in your own soul evolution?

* Are you Drawn to Explore your soul senses, discover, dive into your abilities? Do what it takes to Become a powerful, capable, sustainable Soul Reader, Healer, Creative, Leader?

* Are you Uncomfortable with your Abilities, overwhelmed with your soul information, unable to comfortably & safely hold your energetic boundaries? Is it scary? painful? shameful? hard?

Do you see yourself in here, somewhere? … Do you want to?

* Soul Reader: Mystic, Seer, Psychic, Intuitive, Sensitive, Empath, Visionary, Contemplative…

* Soul Creative: Healer, Shaman, Energy-worker, Artist, Creator, Manifestor…

* Soul Leader: Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Counselor, Therapist, Spiritual Director, Clergy, Chaplain, Yogi, Spiritual / Cultural Forerunner…

HOW might this meetup serve you?

* Receive amazingly potent inner tools, soul wisdom,
and a solid place to stand, within.

* Soak up inspiration, support, and a growing community…

* Empower you to be supported and fed, deep in your soul;
then shift, let-go of old and allow new.

* Equip you to unveil and develop your unique Soul Senses & Abilities.

* Invite you to go wildly deep into your own personal healing
and in your spiritual connecting, unveiling & evolution.

Let’s Play – share, learn, heal, grow, shine, inspire – Dance;

Transforming – ourselves and our world – Together!


Come co-Create a Conscious Creativity & Empowerment Community for Soul Adventurers.

Come Invest in your Beautiful Soul and your Unique Contribution,
as a Soul Reader, Healer, Creative &/or Soul Leader:

BE and DO Your Genius – for yourself, for your world.

Make this vision a reality?

When you join this group, you will have the opportunity to participate in

- ZOOM connection, and sometimes in-person, eventually :)
- workshops, meditations, hang-outs, doing fun things with each other
... and whatever else we want to create

In this group, we will intended together to protect your privacy and safety
- no need to share more than your first name
- all of our interactions are confidential

Please contact me privately:
- If you feel uncomfortable publicly joining this group, I will keep you in the loop.
- If you have specifics you would like to address in this group, or certain days/times that work better for your schedule.

See you soon!
in Life, Wendy
Graceful Soul: Spiritual Deepening & Human Development Academy:
Mystic. Healer. Creative. Leader.
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