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Savoring Sacred Truth & Releasing Rivalry: 'Personal Harmony' ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics (Peaceful Power Series)


Sep 24


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Saturday, Sep 24, 2022
1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

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JOIN: Saturday: Sept 24th EDT, 1pm:
Hello Validation, Goodbye Invalidation & Competition
Personal Harmony (NEW ZOOM LINK)

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Who is "Ahead"?  "Better"?  "Greatest"? "The Good One"?
Playing this GAME is a very Painful way to live. 

I sacrifice Connection & squander a lot of Resources... 
to just get through the day;
When I believe, deep within, that I Must: 

BE the 'right' thing:
  • SUPERIOR, just to be OK… &/or
  • PERFECT in order to be loved, &/or 
  • Most DESIRABLE to be chosen, &/or 

DO the 'right' thing:
  • STRIVE to not fall behind &/or 
  • KNOW all the answers, &/or 
  • WIN at all costs...

I am NOT enough invalidation.png 442 KB

Sometimes Competition is fun - as in a sport or a game.
Often in our society, it is not.

Vying for ‘Success’, contending for ‘Better’ is ubiquitous in all of our:
relationships, academics, vocations, acquisitions, religions…

When external judgment & the resulting struggle
invades my inner life,

it poisons my soul,
and from there, everything else:
who I AM, what I Do & Say, how I Look & Behave…
the Impact I make.

humility truth pride lying saint vincent de paul.jpg 77.3 KB

I have found
this deep & destructive energy of competition
 is a natural outcome of Invalidation,

- is the energy of Lies:
being out of alignment with Reality
& blessings of Sacred Truth

- says I Suck, I’m not good enough and I don’t deserve.
As opposed to the Spiritual Reality
of our Original Blessing
and our Essential Wholeness & Oneness IN Spirit.

invalidation says.png 549 KB

I have found
As I allow Validation & release Invalidation, I can:

- shift from the Inside- OUT,
becoming more peaceful, comfortable & effective
within myself, and in my world

- savor my Neighbor,
instead of being in constant rivalry

true humility means accepting equality with everything else on the earth human animal plant dirt all relations love oneness meek .jpg 129 KB

Come enjoy a taste of

* marinating in Sacred Truth

* transforming your energy and habits within,
to more easily Honor ALL Your Relations
(just as you are, just as they are):

- your self & your own body
- your Dance with the Divine, and with Heaven & Earth
- your Intimates & play-friends, work-mates & relatives
… all the children of the Earth

Come shift your Experience, from the Inside-out:
Savoring Sacred Truth & Validation, 
Releasing Rivalry & Undermining Competition: 

'Personal Harmony' ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics
2 of 3  in our Peaceful Power Series
The Quiet Strength of Heaven IN Humility
- Spiritual Fruit of Meekness 

JOIN: Saturday: Sept 24th EDT, 1pm:
Personal Harmony (NEW ZOOM LINK)

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The subject this month is 
Empowering AND Connecting.
Awesome & world-shifting, AND Gentle & IN Rest.

BUT, misunderstood, and not valued in our culture.
This disconnect tends to work against us, undermine the Blessing.
- Which can Keep us Down, instead of Lifting us Up!

We are delving around
the fruit of the Spirit of Meekness.
You might be surprised what a Treasure it truly is.

We are enjoying 3 ACTIVE Meditations, around:

1) comfortably BEing & naturaully DOing
in Alignment with our Source, and IN our Source.
NOT what we SHOULD be, do, look-like, perform, achieve...

2) naturally Living in Truth & Validation,
instead of Competition & Rivalry.
Who is "Ahead"?  "Better"?  "Right"?  "Greatest"? ...GAMES.

3) easefully Inviting the Power of LIFE to flow through us,
instead of Efforting, Striving, Trying, Forcing…
NOT by Might, not by (human) Power, but by SPIRIT.

live boldly with humilty head cluds feet dirt lift others remember your worth love self and others successful valuable.jpg 73.2 KB

Come as my Guest to check it out, if you please:

This Month in ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics:

Peaceful Power 
- the Impetus to walk Your Way, without hassling or harming

The Quiet Strength of Heaven IN Humility 
The Spiritual Fruit of Meekness: 3 part Series:

1) Friday: Sept 16th, 6pm Eastern USA
BEing and DOing from your own CENTER, IN your own SOURCE
ZOOM: Spiritual Communion (NEW ZOOM LINK)

2) Saturday: Sept 24th, 1pm Eastern USA
Savoring Sacred Truth & Validation,
Releasing Rivalry & Undermining Competition
Personal Harmony (NEW ZOOM LINK) 

3) Friday, September 30th, 3pm Eastern
Spiritual Power vs Physical Force. 
ZOOM: Vocational Vision

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September & October ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics
(October is Safe Sovereignty) 
Save the Dates!  Times in Eastern USA, ie NYC
1st Tuesdays: Sept 6th & Oct 4th, 7:30pm: ZOOM: Mystic rEvolution w/ Susana
2nd Fridays: Sept 16th & Oct 14th, 6pm: ZOOM: Spiritual Communion (NEW LINK)
3rd Saturdays: Sept 24th & Oct 22, 1pm: ZOOM: Personal Harmony (NEW LINK)
4th Fridays: Sept 30th & Oct 28th, 3pm: ZOOM: Vocational Vision

never believe above or below anyone humble spirit buddha.jpg 9.46 KB

ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics is:

*** Purposeful Receptivity & Movement within
(Perceive, Choose & Act below everyday consciousness)

*** Like going to the Soul Gym
(build soul muscle, endurance, flexibility, balance…
gently open soul senses & abilities, nurture fruit)

*** Serves you in every aspect of your Life
(deepen in Attention, Intention, Focus... 
while sitting comfortably & while in action)

Learn More, if you please:

Welcome to ACTIVE Meditation with Wendy R Wolf & Friends:

These drop-ins are an on-ramp to the Exciting Exploration & Results we Enjoy, together, at Graceful Soul Academy.
Each week and each month is Fresh: a different focus to highlight various aspects of this Practice, and how it can serve you.

Details you need:

  1. REGISTER: to join ZOOM Sessions, receive confirmation email, with link.
    Please be AWARE: we Utilize a different link each for each FLAVOR of ACTIVE Meditation:
    'Personal Harmony' ZOOM
    'Spiritual Communion' ZOOM
    'Vocational Vision' ZOOM
  1. PLAN: ONE hour - be on Zoom 5-10 minutes before & after stated time. 
  2. NEW to this practice?
    - you must be present when we begin.  

  3. Please prepare to be Engaged: your Video on; your Audio on when you are speaking, and off when you are not.
    You will sit quietly in your chair for most of the hour, for a Learning, Growing, Deepening, Playful Mystic Meditation.
    You will be invited to briefly share your experience/ ask questions at beginning and end, IF you please.     
  4. Give as your Soul Leads
    These events are supported by your Generous DONATION
    Value: $50/workshop or $250 for month of workshops, including Learning Library & other perks. 
I look forward to seeing you soon!
Mystic Mentor & Change Agent

Marianne Williamson We ask ourselves Who am I to be brilliant gorgeous handsome talented fabulous. You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened shrinking insecure around you.jpg 1.79 MB

Is this easy or hard for you?
(for real, deep within)

I am surprised to report - for myself and many others -
this really is available

* for some of us it is a step by step process *
first in our Soul, then in our body, life and world:

Becoming who we ARE, unveiling, BLOOMing - Teleios.
Not in Pretense or Striving,
merely IN Love, Actually.

Ready to take a step deeper into
Naturally Living in Sacred Truth & Validation?

Instead of Competition & Rivalry;
the Who is "Ahead"?  "Better"?  "Right"?  "Greatest"? ...GAMES.

JOIN Us: Saturday: Sept 24th EDT, 1pm:
Personal Harmony (NEW ZOOM LINK)

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