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EASY Does It: Spiritual Power vs Physical Force: 'Vocational Vision' ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics (Peaceful Power Series)


Sep 30


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Friday, Sep 30, 2022
3:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

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Are you TIRED of TRYING So Hard?
Come learn, allow... a Better way:
Find EASE, enter into REST.

This isn't DOing Nothing, 
it is Allowing LIFE to MOVE us!
Instead of us trying to Move Life - 
Which is Exhausting... and futile!

We can allow the constant EFFORT: 
controlling, manipulating, end-running, 
striving, fighting, FORCE... 
to Fall Away. 

We don't need this aggravation anymore;
as we learn to LET GO and 
Live IN the FLOW, of the Power of Life:
Power is not brute force and money- power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth- it is in your relationship to the earth. 2.jpg 2.1 MB

NOT by Might or Force,
not by Physical Strength
or Ability,
but by SPIRIT
- the breath of Life, the wind of Heaven. 

Hope to see you; Only an hour:
Friday, Sep 30, 3pm EDT

Join us for a TASTE of: 
EASY Does It: 
Spiritual Power vs Physical Force: 
'Vocational Vision' ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics 
(Peaceful Power Series)

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antelope-canyon-utahNow we have this treasure in earthen vessels to show that this surpassingly great power is from God and not from us 2 humility meekness 2-corinthians-4.7.png 447 KB

Bring your Soul Leadership to your World:
* BE you, DO you, Make Your IMPACT. 
* Show up for your Life’s WORK, your PURPOSE, your People, your Profession...

Apply your inner-work TO Your Work
in your unique soul BLOOMing.

Grow IN Soul Perspective - Attention, Connection, Perception.
Nourish, Focus, REALize your highest Intention
- from Inside-OUT in ACTIVE Meditation.

Overflow in the Abundance of Life,
of Blessings from Heaven & Earth
That we need to Live, Love, Serve in Balance... Gracefully.

Come COMFORTABLY Practice Perceiving &
Consciously Creating
(Healing, Transforming...)
with each other & our world
- from the Inside, OUT.

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Enjoy a Taste of Mystic FOUNDATIONS:
Learn a few Soul Tools & Practices to assist you to Safely
Open, Explore & Shift: below everyday consciousness

- Validate your Soul Senses & Abilities
- Find a Secure, Solid Place to Stand within
- Leverage from inside-out, to Perceive, Choose & Act

See you soon!
- Wendy
Mystic Mentor & Change Agent

Zoom Link for Vocational Vision
Meeting ID: 898 7021 9959, Passcode: 263511

This event  ($50 Value) is supported by your Generous DONATION: 
First time? Please come as our Guest.
Continually Blessed by this offering?  
Please Give as your Soul Leads &/or speak to Wendy 
about ways to support these Meditations & Mystic Community.

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This Month in ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics:

Peaceful Power
- the Impetus to walk Your Way, without hassling or harming

The Quiet Strength of Heaven IN Humility 
The Spiritual Fruit of Meekness: 3 part Series:

1) Friday: Sept 16th, 6pm Eastern USA
BEing and DOing from your own CENTER, IN your own SOURCE
ZOOM: Spiritual Communion (NEW ZOOM LINK)

2) Saturday: Sept 24th, 1pm Eastern USA
Savoring Sacred Truth & Validation, Releasing Rivalry & Undermining Competition
Personal Harmony (NEW ZOOM LINK) 

3) Friday, September 30th, 3pm Eastern
Spiritual Power vs Physical Force. 
ZOOM: Vocational Vision

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September & October ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics
Save the Dates!  Times in Eastern USA, ie NYC
1st Tuesdays: Sept 6th & Oct 4th, 7:30pm: ZOOM: Mystic rEvolution w/ Susana
2nd Fridays: Sept 16th & Oct 14th, 6pm: ZOOM: Spiritual Communion (NEW LINK)
3rd Saturdays: Sept 24th & Oct 22, 1pm: ZOOM: Personal Harmony (NEW LINK)
4th Fridays: Sept 30th & Oct 28th, 3pm: ZOOM: Vocational Vision

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Welcome to ACTIVE Meditation with Wendy R Wolf & Friends:

These drop-ins are an on-ramp to the Exciting Exploration & Results we Enjoy, together, at Graceful Soul Academy.
Each week and each month is Fresh: a different focus to highlight various aspects of this Practice, and how it can serve you.

REGISTER: to join ZOOM Session, receive confirmation email, with link.
'Vocational Vision' ZOOM

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Details you need:
  1. PLAN: ONE hour - be on Zoom 5-10 minutes before & after stated time. 
  2. NEW to this practice?
    - you must be present when we begin.  

  3. Please prepare to be Engaged: your Video on; your Audio on when you are speaking, and off when you are not.
    You will sit quietly in your chair for most of the hour, for a Learning, Growing, Deepening, Playful Mystic Meditation.
    You will be invited to briefly share your experience/ ask questions at beginning and end, IF you please.     
  4. Give as your Soul Leads
    These events are supported by your Generous DONATION
    Value: $50/workshop or $250 for month of workshops, including Learning Library & other perks. 
Best to you in Your Unique Journey!

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