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Spiritual Sovereignty: Dominion Within: Spiritual Communion ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics


Oct 14


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Friday, Oct 14, 2022
6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT

October: True Mastery from Inner Spirit

Grand finale of of the Gifts of the Spirit series:
Spiritual Sovereignty: Dominion Within

September & October ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics
Save the Dates!  Times in Eastern USA, ie NYC
1st Tuesdays: Sept 6th & Oct 4th, 7:30pm: ZOOM: Mystic rEvolution w/ Susana
2nd Fridays: Sept 16th & Oct 14th, 6pm: ZOOM: Spiritual Communion (NEW LINK)
3rd Saturdays: Sept 24th & Oct 22, 1pm: ZOOM: Personal Harmony (NEW LINK)
4th Fridays: Sept 30th & Oct 28th, 3pm: ZOOM: Vocational Vision

Play, Delve Deeper:
Spiritual Deepening & Human Development:
Mystic. Healer. Creative. Leader.

Mark your Calendars: Weekly schedule for April: Playing IN PEACE 

Enjoy a Solid Place to Stand (ROCK) & Levers to Move (KEYS) your Soul

Each ACTIVE Meditation we will learn & utilize a few Soul Tools & Practices
Come enjoy a Taste of what is possible.

You are Invited, 
regardless of Spiritual, Religious, or Meditation Background.
New?  Step-into New & Learn.  
Experienced? Assist & Continually Deepen.

I look forward to seeing you soon!
BLOOM: Bring OUT the Gift IN You

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Learn More, if you please:

Welcome to ACTIVE Meditation with Wendy R Wolf & Friends:

These drop-ins are an on-ramp to the Exciting Exploration & Results we Enjoy, together, at Graceful Soul Academy.
Each week and each month is Fresh: a different focus to highlight various aspects of this Practice, and how it can serve you.

Details you need:

  1. REGISTER: to join ZOOM Sessions, receive confirmation email, with link.
    Please be AWARE: we Utilize a different link each for each FLAVOR of ACTIVE Meditation:
    'Personal Harmony' ZOOM
    'Spiritual Communion' ZOOM
    'Vocational Vision' ZOOM
  1. PLAN: ONE hour - be on Zoom 5-10 minutes before & after stated time. 
  2. NEW to this practice?
    - you must be present when we begin.  

  3. Please prepare to be Engaged: your Video on; your Audio on when you are speaking, and off when you are not.
    You will sit quietly in your chair for most of the hour, for a Learning, Growing, Deepening, Playful Mystic Meditation.
    You will be invited to briefly share your experience/ ask questions at beginning and end, IF you please.     
  4. Give as your Soul Leads
    These events are supported by your Generous DONATION. 
    Value: $50/workshop or $250 for month of workshops, including Learning Library & other perks. 
I look forward to seeing you soon!
Mystic Mentor & Transformation Facilitator