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Before You Ask to Join!! We are more rigorous than most Meetup groups, and require a real email & phone, plus a few sentences of your experience. If this is too much, apply to another one of many outdoor groups. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
I. What we're about

Southwest Explorers League(SWEL) is a Meetup association of equal partners, focused on Hiking, Mountaineering, Back Country Skiing, Biking, and Road Trips in the Greater Southwest, but centered in Santa Fe, NM. In our excursions we emphasize:

• Adventure in our activity whenever possible

• Aerobic workouts for a sustained period

• Light social interactions and discussions

Unlike other hiking groups, we don't screen at hike time, instead everyone is pre-screened to know where they fit in our 5 outings levels. Those members who have completed our process show as FM = Full Member, while those in process for up to 1 month are CM = Conditional Members who cannot go on events.

What Does the Name Mean?

Southwest = An area loosely defined by the Colorado River to West, the Platte River to North, the Pecos River to East, and the Copper Canyon complex of Mexico to the South. However, most of our excursions are within a day of Santa Fe.

= Focused on new experiences for all, including the leader. Hence, not a guided tour, but instead a joint exploration of new territories and returns to the best prior ones. Organizers research trips, but all make it a success by being prepared for unknowns during the event, such as weather or rough terrain.

League = As per Oxford online, “a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation.” In our case, League implies that each member is responsible for his own outdoor safety, and has some responsibility to help others in need.

II. SWEL Events & Outings

Our outings and focus assume an intermediate to advanced level of outdoor skills and fitness in all members; since there are many other groups suited to beginner/easy level outings. We expect all members to assume responsibility for their own safety and security, and some responsibility to fellow SWEL members, by being physically and mentally prepared for the level of the event, and by bringing suitable equipment.

• SW Explorers events are rated in 5 levels: Relaxed, Moderate, ModeratePlus, Strenuous, and Mountaineer. The latter 2 categories require additional screening for off-trail navigation skills, or basic rock-climbing skills. Each event should list the Rating, Planned Hike Length, Planned Elevation Gain, Off-Trail Aspects, and Drive Length/Cost. These events are then drawn from the following nationally accepted descriptions:

• Class 1 through 3 hiking on and off-trail, mostly focused on destinations within 2.5 hours of Santa Fe

• Class 2 through 4 mountaineering (includes use of hands) in New Mexico and Colorado

• Back-country skiing in NM and Colorado

• Mountain and Road Biking near Santa Fe

• Road-trip excursions to unique destinations in the Southwest, for 1 or more nights. These include back-packs, car-camps, and hostel or hosted stays with local guides.

Members should know that SWEL encourages vigorous discussions on many topics during our events; including but not limited to: current events, politics, religion, and social issues. Such discussions, post-outing meal or beverage stops, and purely social events in town, are considered an integral part of SWEL.

III. Qualifications to Join SWEL

Membership is granted by review of your experience, and a fully executed and signed Participant Agreement(PA) on file before an event. We are not an extreme sports group, and try to reduce risk from external hazards, but each member must be responsible for his own behavior outdoors, and the Participant Agreement specifies mutual responsibilities. These agreements must be executed every 12 months, in order to assure you are still interested and engaged. An annual dues of $10 with each PA is required in order to cover the costs of operating the group on Meetup, procuring certain safety equipment, and providing for a summer and winter social event for the entire League. It also makes sure you value the group as much as your Starbucks!

IV. Publications & Communication

Until MeetingPlace fully supports phone Apps, our principal means of communication is, but documents must be emailed to you. In expedient-need times, we may call or textl you at your listed phone. Therefore SWEL requires that you provide full contact information on your PA, including a current email, cell phone, and mailing address. Such means will only be used to assure that you receive important communications, such as queries or changes near event time, or when documents need to be forwarded.

V. SWEL is an Organization of Volunteers

No member of SWEL is compensated for their time, all are volunteers giving freely. Expenses of the entire Meetup group are compensated when club funds are adequate to cover them, otherwise they are contributions of the member who incurs them. Many members carry Personal Liability Umbrella policies, which require that no for-profit activity occurs by the member, in order to be covered. SWEL policy intends to assure that this requirement is met.

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