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Welcome to the Weekday Trailblazers!

 Please read our revised (August 2021) rules before you register for a hike or event:

Regrettably, we've changed our policies light of the spread of the recent Delta variant of Covid in and around Los Angeles County, where we often hike.

We will once again require evidence of vaccinations for everyone on a hike or at an event.
In addition, we welcome anyone who wants to to wear a mask, and discourage any critical comments.
We will continue to respond firmly (i.e. the hiatus of the past few weeks) if anyone gives a hike leader a hard time about any of our policies.

Please review before you register for a hike:

The number of hikers will not exceed 24, including the leader. This will allow us to hike on COSCA trails, State Park, and National trails without having to obtain a permit in advance. This also means that if you are on the waitlist, or you show up and have not registered (including “Plus-Ones”), you will be turned away.

Morning hike start times vary between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. We cancel hikes for Red Flag warnings, when the temperatures are forecast to be at or above 90, and when the temperature-humidity index is forecast to be at or above 85, at any time during the hike. Please read the hike description and check for cancellations before driving to the trailhead.

We encourage people to stick more closely together (i.e. no people who sprint ahead, start early, fall far behind, or who plan to go out part-way and turn back outside of the group). To accomplish this, we will encourage you to register for hikes at your skill level, and not to take spots from people otherwise capable of doing the whole hike but are unable to sign up due to our attendance limits. We will also stop marking turns with flour, etc. to encourage everyone to stay together.

You'll see hikes clearly described as “Gentler” (Thursday), “Flagship / Intermediate” (Tuesday), or "Beginner," and with accurate distance and elevation. Please consider this information carefully, along with the forecast temperature and humidity, when you decide whether to register. If you haven't hiked for a while, please consider doing a couple of Beginner or Gentler hikes first to get back in the groove.

You may see some parallel hikes (a Gentler on a Tuesday, or an Intermediate on a Thursday). These will be at a different location and route than our regular hikes. You may also see hikes posted on other days, and at other times and places, mileage and elevation.

Sorry, no dogs allowed, either on-leash, off-leash, or in "Doggy Backpacks."

Welcome to the Weekday Trailblazers!

Our goal is to combine nature's magnificence, a good workout, and the support and laughter of friends. An observer of one of our early hikes noted that our group is like a mobile party, and we feel that captures our spirit beautifully. All that's missing is you, so get out here with us!

The Blazers are led equally by a dedicated cadre of experienced volunteer hike leaders, in a true communal spirit, with no charge for hikes or events (with rare exceptions).

The majority of our hikes fall within the area from Malibu to Simi Valley (south to north), and Will Rogers State Park to Port Hueneme (east to west), although we'll venture beyond those loose boundaries when we feel like it (we are Trailblazers, after all). We offer hikes of varying levels, as well as occasional non-hiking events.

  • Our Intermediate / Flagship Hikes generally start at 8:30 AM on Tuesdays (earlier in the heat of the summer). Total distance is 7-10 miles (less in the heat of the summer), 3-3.5 mph, and with elevation gain between 1,500' and 2,000', less in the heat of the summer. We would rate them as intermediate for difficulty and pace. We have a strong roster of leaders for these hikes, but ANYONE is welcome to lead. Contact Steve J, Laurie, Peter, or Katie with your ideas.
  • Gentler-Friendly Hikes are scheduled on most Thursday mornings at 9 AM, earlier in the heat of the summer. These hikes are tailored for advanced beginners, or anyone wanting a little extra fun with friends. As the name implies, they're slower-paced (2-2.5 mph), shorter distance (usually 5-6 miles), and lesser elevation gain (less than 1,500') than our flagship hikes. Contact Steve J with ideas for Gentler hikes.
  • Beginner Hikes are scheduled on one Thursday morning a month at 9 AM, earlier in the heat of the summer. These hikes are tailored for those new to the group, new to hiking, or those rehabbing injuries. They're slow-paced (2 mph), short distance (usually <5 miles), and little elevation gain (~500'). Contact Steve J with ideas for Gentler hikes.

We also occasionally run:

  • Hump Day Hikes are, in a fortuitous bit of synchronicity given the title, on Wednesdays. These hikes start in the late afternoon/early evening (two hours or so before sunset), and are as fast or faster than our flagship hikes. Headlamps recommended!
  • Mad Monday Hikes are similar to Hump Day Hikes, but ...on Mondays. Like our Wednesday hikes, they'll start in the late afternoon/early evening.
  • Geologist Thom Davis' Rock & Stroll Hikes combine his expansive knowledge of the Earth's bones and our usual workout in natural beauty. Many events will be outside our normal stomping grounds, and some will involve overnight stays. Times and ability levels vary, so be sure to read the write-ups carefully, and contact Thom with any questions.

We cancel hikes for red flag warnings, when the temperature is 90 or higher, or when the Heat Index (also sometimes called Temperature Humidity Index) is 85 or higher at any time during a hike.

The Blazers welcome and encourage whatever level of participation you'd like. You can be out in front leading, in the pack enjoying the ride, or sweeping in the back. We value your contributions, so join our mobile party and let's have fun!

Our hikes are free, and our leaders are volunteers. However, we ask for voluntary contributions once a year ($3-$5) to help defray Meetup subscription costs. You can also help by buying Weekday Trailblazers gear (each purchase kicks in $3-$5 to the kitty):

We also ask that you be aware of the signs of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke, know what to do about them (for your own safety and for the safety of others around you). Just google "Mayo Clinic Heat Stroke Exhaustion", or buy one of our Heat Safety T-Shirts (!

We also ask that hikers be prepared with:

  • Hiking shoes appropriate for the terrain
  • Loose-fitting clothing appropriate for the conditions (genereally, this means no denim or jeans)
  • A broad-brimmed hat
  • Water
  • Electrolytes (Gatorade, Nuun tablets, etc)
  • Sunscreen

While not responsible for your safety, our hike leaders may adjust, shorten, re-route, or terminate a hike based on conditions, at their sole discretion.

Please read the release of liability below in its entirety. By signing up for our group, you are agreeing to it for all events you participate in.


The hike host is a volunteer and not responsible for the group. Safety should be a priority for everyone in the group. Please treat this meet-up as hiking with a group of friends. If you become fatigued and unable to continue the hike, it is expected you will advise the hike host of this and return to our starting point on your own. If you are able to proceed, it is expected that you will maintain line of sight with other members of the group at all times and help to promote the group’s safety and fitness goals.

Outdoor sports and other events we plan can be inherently dangerous and accidents may happen. By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. The Weekday Trailblazers Meetup Group and its organizers and hosts are not trained leaders and we do not confirm the qualifications of any of its members to lead or participate in trips. All participants take full responsibility for their own actions.

If you choose to sign up for this or any Weekday Trailblazers Meetup event, you are releasing the Weekday Trailblazers Meetup Group, its organizers, and hosts from all liability in case of possible injuries. Your personal safety depends on your own judgment and experience.

All participants must be 18 or older, or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Sorry, we don't allow "Plus-Ones" on our hikes. Please join the group, then sign up for a hike. 
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