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Learning Cloud is helpful. Many of us may work in one cloud and many may not be working but learning should never stop. The idea of this group is to help all of you learn Cloud using Azure. 

There are already bunch of learning resources available in the form of the official documentation, Microsoft Learn, many GitHub labs, etc. 

What’s new here? The answer is, nothing new. The idea is not to handhold but to help you explore what is already available and share. 

So please register – I will announce online sessions from time to time here. The delivery would happen via Microsoft Teams. Teams works in a browser, installed app and in Mobile. So you can join from anywhere. The resources will be shared at GitHub and you can ask questions at GitHub Issues

Do you want me to deliver any topic of your choice? Please let me know, I will try to accommodate.

About the presenter(Wriju) 
Wriju helps enterprises move their legacy applications to Azure. He also does Applications Modernization wherever needed. At the end of the day, he is a programmer by heart.  He loves teaching technology and passionate about Cloud and Programming. Wriju has around 20 years of professional development experience both on-premises and on the cloud. 
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