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Scotland, UK

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Our Mission
Is to create a holistic and diverse hub for the cyber community, in Scotland.
All levels of experience are welcome; from those aspiring to enter the industry through to security experts. Our purpose is to provide regular, informal meetups where individuals can gather together to; network, discuss the latest industry trends & hot topics within the security sector. Although still in our infancy, we are overwhelmed with the support we have received from our community.

CSC Volume Events
We're passionate about security, as are you! We want to invite the security community in Scotland to engage 5 or 6 times a year to discuss all things security. We would love to see you there. Have an idea you'd like to present? Or just meet like-minded people? Welcome to CSC!

Open Session Events
New to speaking? Passionate about security and want a safe space to speak about an idea? Look no further, our open session events are set-up as a welcoming space for encouraging new and inexperienced speakers. Don't worry, there's no karaoke required!

Online Community
As fellow security professionals, we understand that free time is a difficult thing to come by. To ensure you don't miss an event or the latest updates, CSC is dedicated to empowering our online community so you won't miss anything. Our events are available, one click away!
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