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May 1


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Friday, May 1, 2020
9:00am - 6:00pm EDT

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Open Hall is one of our most beloved traditions. Every First Friday of the before-times, we used to open our doors at 399 market and host a day of free coworking for all. At the Open Halls of yore, we'd meet new friends, enjoy the amazing energy in our space, and celebrate together at the end of the day with some kind of event, (often revolving around refreshing drinks and beautiful art.)

This past month we have been adapting to life online. We're still staying connected to each other and supporting one another, just like we always have. While we can't open our physical doors to you just yet, we're determined to keep the spirit of Open Hall alive!Β 

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It is our pleasure to invite you to our first-ever remote Open Hall! (aka Open Hall @ Home)!Β 

Are you...
- looking for your recommended daily dose of social interaction?
- doing your best to work from home, but struggling with productivity and focus?
- curious about our online community and want to see it in action?
- on the hunt for some fun, free things to do this Friday?

Open Hall @ Home has got you covered!

This is a full day of free events for guests and members. Each event is a little different, but all of them are super casual, easy to join, and full of friendly faces. We're opening up the events that are usually members-only to guests, plus we're planning a few special additions.Β 

Here's a little peek at what you can expect from Open Hall @ Home this Friday, May 1st:

Note, each of these "mini events" takes place at a specific part of the day so you can pick the things you want to go to! Come to one, a few, or all of them.Β 

β˜•οΈ Get out of bed with Morning Jawn
Start your day with friendly faces over your preferred morning beverage, just to get the energy flowing. During the week we do these sessions at two times every morning, but you can get a taste (and meet some new people) this Friday!

🌊 Catch a Wave of Productivity with Virtual Coworking 
Group accountability, serendipity, and more with the magic of technology. Just like a "normal" day of coworking, we have a few open "rooms" that you can try out, ranging from a quiet coworking experience to shootin' the breeze at a virtual water cooler!

🀝 Buddy-up with an Indy Hall member
Prefer a personal convo over a group chat? We totally get it! If you're interested, we'll pair you up with an Indy Hall member and a conversation starter topic. Maybe you'll end up with a new friend or even a professional collaborator!

πŸ“Ί Channel-surf with Indy Hall TVΒ 
Over the past month, our community compiled the mother of all youtube playlists. These clips include the adorable, the incredible, the fascinating, and the absurd. Simultaneous viewing + hilarious commentary = the best way to take a break, hands down.Β 

πŸ₯‚ Kick Back with a Strictly Social Happy Hour
Another weekly tradition that we've kept alive is kicking off the weekend by sharing a toast to your new friends and a treat of your choice. Toasts can be celebratory, entertaining, or just plain cathartic. Bring your toast and we'll cheers to you!

By choosing one or two things Friday's schedule, we invite you enjoy a taste of what it's like in our community and show you the wide range of ways that people are still working together and supporting each other.

If you have any questions about Open Hall @ Home, hit up We'll respond right away.Β 

We're so looking forward to meeting you!Β 

NOTE: We'll be sharing the full day's schedule with the folks who RSVP. Guests must RSVP to gain access to Open Hall @ Home.
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