Group Details
You want to become a better developer, but you:

  • feel lonely
  • feel overwhelmed with all the options available (books, tutorials, bootcamps, ending list of things to learn…)
  • think that you’ll never know enough to be able to build that new feature or fix that bug quickly
  • wonder if you will ever finish that project or tutorial you’ve been working on for ages
  • are frustrated that you don’t know what next step to take to become a better developer
  • want to be respected by your peers but don’t know how
  • fear being rejected whenever you want to apply for a job
  • feel bad whenever you fail an interview… If you could just learn the things they want from you, things would be easier.

You’re not alone. But don’t worry: we’re building a group of like-minded people just like you to support each other.

Do more of what brings you joy 💫. 

Join any of our public events listed below to be around other developers that want to become experts, just like you.