IndyAWS + Boston AWS Joint Meetup


Jul 22


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Thursday, Jul 22, 2021
5:30pm - 7:30pm EDT

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This month will be a special partnership between IndyAWS and The Boston AWS Meetup Group! 

AWS Hero Chris Miller will talk about a series of rather strange ML projects he's working with (it's a lot of fun). The event will kick off at 5:30pm ET, so make sure to note the time change from the regularly scheduled IndyAWS event.

Never scared of a new challenge, Chris Miller, CEO of Cloud Brigade, has built and led a team of passionate, like-minded individuals for over 15 years. His knowledge hungry entrepreneurial spirit and over 25 years of IT, development and operations experience has resulted in hundreds of companies adopting internet technologies in the cloud. Whether it's a community-driven innovative contest to build a fully automated brewery (Ottobrew) or building out the global presence for #1 ranked supplement company Nordic Naturals, Chris thrives on solving problems that have not been solved before, or require a better solution than is currently available. Mentorship and community building are a consistent priority throughout his career, and are carried through his personal and professional relationships and desire for collaboration and teamwork. If Chris isn't working on the next innovative machine learning project, you can find him paddle boarding, ocean swimming or e-biking around Santa Cruz.

Guests are more than welcome to attend, but please have each person RSVP on their own Meetup account!

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