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This mandatory “stay at home” situation is like all of the worst parts of working from home, but without the good parts and way more stressful.

Days blur together, and the ups and downs can feel like a rollercoaster you’re riding by yourself.

If you’re anything like us you are craving a periodic dose of structure, a sense of mutual support, and even the occasional chat with other adults to keep yourself from feeling completely unstuck from reality.

Relief is possible! Even though our coworking space is closed for COVID, our coworking community is still here for you. And conveniently, you can join Indy Hall from the comfort of your coffee table or bedroom workspace!

Once you’re in, you’ll join an active community of generous and curious people, professionals, freelancers, remote workers and more who are there when you need them the most, in the ways you need them the most. 

We know it’s not all about the work, either. ☕️

In our community you can easily connect with people over your shared interests outside of your career, too. Take a break and  shoot the breeze over the things that make you happy right now, like music, movies, books, comics, your favorite cat gifs, crafting, and loads more. (We even have a channel specifically for sharing good news.)

Turns out that watercooler chat is important after all, eh?  If you’re missing the serendipity of stumbling into a conversation about something you’re passionate about, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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