IndyPy - Infrastructure as Code Workshop


Aug 11


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Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020
4:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

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To ensure attendee safety, we will be meeting online again this month!

See the workshop repo for full documentation and prerequisites:

This is a workshop into Infrastructure as Code, specifically focusing on Hashicorp's Terraform.

This presentation is broken into 4 parts to ease the attendee into the basics of Terraform. All resources demoed in this presentation are from the DigitalOcean provider. The parts are divided up as follows:

- Using Variables, Providers, and Data Sources
- Basic Resources
- Parameterizing Our Files and Using Workspaces
- Resource Dependencies and a Complete Infrastructure
- More about the specific parts can be found in the READMEs in the appropriate sections.

Part 1 will also cover some of the more basic principles of Terraform, like how to run it, remote state, variable interpolation, etc. For this reason you may want to be sure to refer to it in later sections as each section builds on each other and only the parts of the file that changed will be discussed.

Prerequisites to follow this tutorial along exactly are as follows:

- Have a DigitalOcean account. The examples are all done in DigitalOcean so you will need access.
- You will need an DigitalOcean API token ready. If you don't know how to make one you can follow these instructions to create an API Token


4:00p - 4:15p Announcements and Introductions

4:15p - 5:45p Infrastructure as Code using HashiCorp's Terraform - Mason Egger

5:45p - 6:00p Door Prizes and Closing Remarks

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