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Hamburg, Deutschland

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Inspired by a lot of amazing groups all over the world I like to start something new. A Meeting Place Group for all those strangers who are coming to a new city Hamburg. Who felt or feeling rather lonely or those who already living here for ages and still curious whats out there and looking to expand your current social circles. Regardless of whether you're a local or expat, taking the time to meet new people and make new friends can be quite the experience

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MAPSTR ID: @makefriendsinhamburg

You won't see people wearing name tags at our events and there will never be an official agenda. The whole point is to come out, have fun, and make friends in Hamburg. You'll meet friendly people, be it locals, expats, tourists on vacation, and other new comers all in a totally relaxed environment.

One Rule:

Always mind your RVSP Status. Our Event Organizers doing all events voluntarily. You show respect for their work if you mind your RVSP Status on ANY event. Cancel if you are not coming.

Oh, and make sure you join our

If you like to be part of our Whatsapp Groups then send me a PM with your Mobile Number and I will send you the Link personally. 
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