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"Data Driven Client Prospecting" with Rob Williams


Apr 28


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Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

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A perfect compliment to Amy Hoy's very strategic session, Rob Williams from Folyo (mentioned during Amy's talk!) will be joining our next Freelance Focus to teach you some immediately applicable techniques for: 

- How to find a client via Slack without getting overwhelmed
- How to find a client via LinkedIn without bugging your network
- A quick tutorial on finding hundreds of jobs ops quickly

He runs a major job board for freelance gigs so he'll also be sharing what changes he's noticed in the freelance market recently, and how has seen people adapt. 

For the best experience, Rob has asked folks to (optionally!) fill out a survey to help him tailor his talk for us.

If you fill it out and tell him about your business, you'll have a chance to get personalized examples in his demonstration. Sweet!

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