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Become Your Own Best Boss with Kara Lindstrom


Jul 14


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Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

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[Shown to members only]

Doing your own thing doesn’t mean having “no boss” - it means YOU are the boss! 

Learn how you can leverage insights in neuroscience to more effectively manage within/up/down/across. Be a more effective and less stressed managing yourself, your colleagues, and your clients.

About Kara Lindstrom
A consultant, coach, designer, and strong believer in the exchange of information in the service of serendipitous inspiration. Kara Lindstrom co-founded and managed the EXCITE Center of Drexel University and has worked with Promptworks, the Philadelphia Geek Awards, Code for Philly, the Solutions Journalism Network, and the libraries of Penn, Drexel, and Temple. She is nerdy about public transit, urban design, and complex/emergent systems.

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