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July PyROA Meeting - Enough SQL to be Dangerous


Jul 20


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Monday, Jul 20, 2020
6:00pm - 7:30pm EDT

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Greetings Pythonistas*
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer so far (well, as much as possible given the pandemic).  The last couple of meetings has been a review of using Flask for creating a simple web site using Python.  A step in moving from a simple page that displays some text to creating an actual web application is to add a database. Fortunately, there are great modules in Python that make integrating with a database easier. 

Before getting to that point, let's take some time getting familiar with database concepts with a fast, small and full-featured database engine called SQLite - and it's free to use!  This session won't be purely about Python, but it's a building step toward the bigger project.

Resources for the Absolute Beginner 
For those just joining the group or anyone wanting to get starting with learning Python, here are some great resources:
  • Python for Beginners - a 44 part series of 3 to 4 minute videos produced by MSDN Channel 9
  • More Python for Beginners - a YouTube playlist containing a continuation of the series on Channel 9
  • Even More Python for Beginners - once you've gotten the basics, this series dives into Data Science tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Anaconda and pandas
  • Code Examples - a GitHub repository with all of the code from these three video series. All available free to download and use.

The Python Users Group Roanoke meets on the third Monday of each month.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!
Darrell L.

* Pythonista
(plural Pythonistas)
  1. Someone who uses the Python programming language.