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This group started in April 2020 as a laid-back conversation with developers every Tuesday and Thursday. Anyone who's interested in tech is welcome, whether you're just thinking about getting into tech or have been in it for decades. You can come with a question or a topic to discuss, ask for feedback on your portfolio, or just sit back and listen to others talk about tech.

Our once twice-weekly zoom community sessions with devs at all stages of the journey has grown into an online community that mentors, creates educational content, and provides a safe community at no cost.

Our purpose is to form community, allow room for growth and mentorship, and to meet with both new people and our regulars in a safe and positive space. All are welcome!

Membership: To become a member, which includes access to slack and live access to members-only events, you must first attend a Tuesday or Thursday coffee and fill out and submit the new member form you'll receive. We value the close community we have at Virtual Coffee, and although we would love to invite everyone into our slack and to our members-only events, we strongly feel that these coffees create an experience that allows for what makes Virtual Coffee so special: the closeness of the community.

Please view our Code of Conduct.