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Finding a job in Robotics: Tales from working professionals


Feb 24


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Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021
7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

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Engineers can join the field of robotics from any background, be it Computer Science, Mechanical, Electronics, or Robotics. But how to filter from those thousands of job profiles for an interdisciplinary position and most importantly, understanding what the company is looking for?!
Join us to hear three women in robotics speak about their experience in building resumes, networking, applications, and the interview process. Bonus: Learn what to expect while searching for a job in the pandemic!

The topics of conversation would be but not limited to:
  • Finding companies that are currently hiring
  • LinkedIn networking and employee referrals
  • Nature of different rounds of interviews¬†
  • Prepping for live coding & whiteboard design questions
  • Resume and cover letter tips
 Lastly, the participants would get a chance to ask any specific questions they may have.

Note: The information shared in the event is solely based on the speakers' experience and not an absolute guideline on what to do. Nevertheless, each speaker has prepared a cheat sheet based on what has worked for them in the past, which would be shared publicly!

Sign up and make sure to fill the google form with questions you may have on the topic: https://forms.gle/DhXhe7YW2r1AyByk9
(Maximum 100 participants)

See you soon!

About the speakers:
Sanjuksha Nirgude is an Advanced Controls Engineer at Symbotic, working on the development of control software for mobile robots. Before joining Symbotic, she worked as an intern for Waypoint Robotics on mobile robots and at Cere Labs on reinforcement learning. She holds a Master's degree in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from India where she actively participated in university robotics events. Her journey in robotics started after attending a robotics workshop in high school and she continues to work on fascinating robotics problems and their commercialization. Sanjuksha enjoys painting, meeting new people, and kickboxing.

Dharini Dutia is a Robotics (M.Sc) and Electronics (B.Eng) Engineer, actively looking for an opportunity to learn and contribute to autonomous navigation for mobile robots or drone-based applications. Previously, she has worked as a Robotics Software Engineer, working on robot planning, localization, simulation, and testing, for warehousing and logistics applications at Vecna Robotics. During her Masters at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, she has co-authored a research paper in human-robot interaction and completed her thesis in multi-robot coordination. She believes the true purpose of robotics is to do things beyond human capabilities and has been working towards developing systems that do the same. Currently, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she explores new places around, reads fiction, enjoys painting, and hiking. She loves food, the smell of new books, time travel, and space exploration.

Kajal Gada started her journey in robotics by working on personal projects such as a line follower with an Arduino. She then pursued and graduated with a Masters in Robotics from the University of Maryland in 2017.  With 3 years of collective professional experience at Reality AI, Qualcomm, and Brain Corp, she has mastered digging in core robotics problems at ground zero level. Her goal is to develop algorithms for realizing robot operations in the real world and support women in the workplace to pursue a career of their dreams. In her free time, she likes to read mystery novels and play board games.

Check out her Youtube channel about robotics concepts and her experience as a roboticist: https://www.youtube.com/kajalgada 

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