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User-Centered Robot Design with iRobot


Sep 15


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Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021
7:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

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When designing robots, it is important to keep the end-user in mind throughout the process. Evaluating the impact of robot design on the ideal user experience has become important as more robotic systems enter our daily lives. Women in Robotics Boston partnered with women in iRobot, featuring Lauren Stern, Design Researcher, and Shipra Arora, UX Designer, to share lessons learned, design principles, and tools for evaluating user perception. In this webinar, learn more about:
  • Ways to center the user in robot design and research
  • Broadening scope for an inclusive user experience
  • Evolution in design as guided by research
  • Development of research tools to evaluate robot designs

The event is open to everyone from any professional background interested in the field. Please register to save your spot and sign up to the Women in Robotics Boston group for future updates!
NOTE: Total capacity is 100 participants.

We look forward to your participation!

Meet your speakers:
Lauren Stern
is a Design Researcher at iRobot, where she focuses on research efforts related to robot behavior and interactions specific to the home environment. Prior to her time at iRobot, Lauren's UX work focused on research and design of collaborative analysis tools for government and business agencies. ​When not conducting research, she enjoys reading, dancing, and board games.

Shipra Arora is a User Experience Designer at iRobot, where she focuses her design efforts on new product innovation and robot behaviors. Shipra joined iRobot in 2018 after graduating with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon. ​Prior to her design life, Shipra was a developer and has a hybrid skill set in UX Design, Research and Software Development. She enjoys working at the intersection of all three disciplines, supporting how people make sense of and interact with their world. In her spare time, you can find her painting, traveling & eating all kinds of food, singing all the pop chart hits (sometimes rapping), and she loves board games too!  ​

Stories from the research and design of household robots with key takeaways for others on keeping users in mind during robot development.

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